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April 13th, 2009


No one noticed I completely missed today’s Ping, right? Right?

Going to New York City is expensive. There’s no way around it. When my wife and I travel there, we try to find the least expensive accomodations that are still comfortable, clean, and safe. We’ve stayed at hostels and small hotels. Our current favorite spot is the Park Savoy where you can get a tiny, clean room with its own bathroom for about $100. Next time I visit, though, I may try one of the trendy micro-hotels featured in this NPR story: the hipster-ish Pod or the still well-appointed Jane. Rooms are in the 50-80 sq. foot range, have a TV, iPod docking station, and a surprising amount of style.

I definitely like the idea here. Small rooms (because, really, how much time do you spend in a hotel room when you’re in a city like New York?) in happening spots with the essentials. Save the money on the room and go out to a nice dinner, instead.

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