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August 11th, 2009

Yet Another Wisdom Tooth Entry

In 2004, I had the second of my two upper wisdom teeth removed. Today, I had my lower two removed. Thankfully, they weren’t impacted, but they’d caused me enough problems, I decided it was time to get them yanked. Finally.

I was told that since I was “older,” it was a little more difficult than with a “younger” patient (I hit the doc with my cane). I opted only for local rather than getting laughing gas (saving myself $100 but robbing myself of that “happy feeling”), though the doc wished I’d gone under completely because I “have a huge tongue” (I swear they told me that) that was constantly getting in their way.

Recovery is going well thusfar, but my lower lip is still numb in the middle. I hope I’m not the 1 in 10,000 that never regains feeling.

Anyone else still have their wisdom teeth?

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