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August 12th, 2009

Is Hawaii a state?

With all the hubbub over shouting matches at town hall meetings, concern over “death panels”, and theories that Barack Obama isn’t a US citizen and thus isn’t really President, there’s one important fact that has been lost: some people don’t know that we have 50 states now.

Sure, okay, just about half of North Carolina’s voters don’t think Obama was born in the US. Whatever. Live in your little make-believe world. But… this… just… how… wha?

Public Policy Polling also asked those surveyed whether they consider Hawaii to be part of the U.S. Five percent said no, and 3 percent said they were not sure.

Emphasis mine but, let’s be honest, you emphasized it in your mind’s eye anyway.

I guess that the 5 percent saying no is one thing; that’s just 100% wrong. What about the 3% that said they weren’t sure? Does that speak volumes about the educational system? What’s going on in North Carolina?

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