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September 5th, 2009

Free Book Restaurant, part 2

Last year I wrote about The Traveler Food and Book Restaurant in Union, CT. I had remembered going there as a kid on a family trip to Massachusetts or Maine. Well, it just so happens that last week my wife, daughter, and I were going right by there when going from Boston to New York City, so we made a stop in for a late breakfast. It had been at least 17 years since I was last there, so it was kind of neat to see it again.

I remembered the layout of the interior as being slightly different, but from the style of the place, it looks like my memory was wrong; I don’t think it’s changed a bit. Visitors can now take three books, as they have more than they know what to do with. Children’s books are right at the entrance, other books are scattered around the entire restaurant, and books of a slightly better quality are available for purchase downstairs. It took me a while to find a book that wasn’t a Christian manual from the 80s, but eventually I found a halfway decent poetry book that was coverless and just slightly water-damaged.

Rasine loved the concept, too. A book AND food? Super toddler win!

Plus, they have good coffee and a few actually decent vegetarian options on their menu. So, yay for The Traveler. Excellence in food and literature lives on (but they still have no web site).

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