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September 4th, 2009

That’s a Lot of Tabs

Something I needed to do, but had been putting off for a while, involved reducing the number of items I’m tracking in my bug reporting system at work. Unfortunately this system offers no way to do a mass delete for tracking… which means that one has to go through the issues one by one. By one. By one. And delete one by one. By one. By one.

But this morning I finally decided to do it. And the end result was a lot of tabs:

Too many tabs.

At this point it pretty much became abstract art. As a bonus though, Firefox didn’t beachball or crash at all! Impressive. I think there were about 150 tabs open, a bit more than 78. The caveat being that I wasn’t actually browsing in all of these tabs, of course. That would be out of control.

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