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October 6th, 2009

Console Gaming

As I touched on recently I’ve been doing some thinking about what computing device I’d most like to hook up to my TV. And the conclusion I reached was… “I don’t know.”

In considering the Wii, PS3, and XBox 360 though, I realized that we hardly ever talk about modern console gaming here at the Ping. This is because Ryan and I are old men and everyone knows that old men most enjoy complaining about things. We’re very good at that!

I am, at best, a casual gamer. I have always enjoyed and will always enjoy a traditional Mario game. In fact, I dusted off my Nintendo DS Lite and played New Super Mario Bros. again because it’s that much fun. I also oddly got into Tiger Woods Golf on Pinger Greg’s old school PS2. I’m not terribly good at it, but I like it. And I’m much better at video golf than I am at regular golf.

Other than that I haven’t played much on modern equipment other than the occasional Rock Band, Guitar Hero, or various Wii games. How about you? Are you gaming right now?

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COD October 6, 2009, 7:27 pm

We have a Xbox 360 used in the house. I will occasionally play a game on it, but mostly I use it as a DVD player, and I stream movies from Netflix on it. I lost interest in gaming when the controllers started coming with more buttons than I have fingers. I’ll take an Atari one button joystick please.

BTW – the Netflix streaming over the Xbox service works really well.

Ryan October 7, 2009, 2:22 pm

I’ve played even less than you… I played Guitar Hero for about 3 minutes (honestly: yawn) and that’s it. Aside from that, I haven’t spent a single minute on any of the modern consoles. Not because of any objection to them, of course… I just haven’t.

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