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May 4th, 2004


I’ve been using spray bottles of various kinds for years. Glass cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, wood cleaners, you name it. What’s more is that the bottles have had the same general design for as long as I can remember: there’s a square, twistable nozzle at the end with four sides. Two sides are “off.” One is “spray.” The other is “stream.”

I have come to realize that I have never, never used “stream.” Ever. Why would I? When would I want a stream of liquid to come out, instead of a spray?

I truthfully searched my mind and came up with nothing. It makes no sense to me. Spray? Sure, spray all the time! Spray on a towel! Spray on a surface! Spray! Hooray for spray!

Stream is like an appendix. It’s there, it can do things, but you don’t need it at all. It’s just taking up space on the fourth side of the nozzle. It’s as if the designers of the nozzle said, “Well, we can’t come up with anything but ‘spray.’ What if we just let the stuff trickle out? We’ll call it ‘trickle.’ No, wait – ‘stream.'”

To all of the active bottle designers out there, I say: drop the stream. Spray or nothing.

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FROM: Bill
DATE: Tuesday May 4, 2004 -- 8:31:16 am
First thing that came to my mind was the distance factor. say your cleaning a high window with one of those squeegees (sp?) Spray is just gonna blow away or land in your face, stream would arrive at the target with precision

FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday May 4, 2004 -- 8:40:10 am
Stream also gives you more control over what you hit. Spray can cause collateral damage of surfaces you weren't necessarily aiming for.

FROM: Monica
DATE: Tuesday May 4, 2004 -- 10:32:30 am
For exactly the reasons Chris states, I use the stream exclusively for spraying the cats when they're bad (with water, of course)

FROM: I. S. A.
DATE: Tuesday May 4, 2004 -- 4:59:14 pm
I use stream to get my brothers. It proves useful. You should do a ping about the many uses of duct tape!

FROM: jk
DATE: Tuesday May 4, 2004 -- 8:36:24 pm
I am surprised that no one mentioned the unintentional stream that occurs when the nozzle gets clogged while set to "spray"!

marti September 25, 2006, 11:48 pm

Why doesn’t the subject com up about how to unclog a nozzle that won’t spray? i’ve tried hot LOC (Amway’s premier product), vinegar soaks, tiny needles–nothing helps. one is the stuff i spray on eyeglasses. the other is a window cleaning product. need help!! thanks

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