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October 9th, 2009

Lost Bikes

Over the years, I’ve seen a number of bicycles in our neighborhood that had been clearly abandoned. I never understood what would make someone leave a bike mid-ride. Even with a flat tire, you think they’d stow it somewhere, get a fix, and come back.

In any event, the bikes eventually disappear and I never thought more about it. Until I was flipping through the local paper a couple of weeks ago. Back in the section of the classifieds that no one ever reads, alongside the “Notices of Public Hearings,” was a nearly half-page table that, get this, listed found bicycles. Bikes are listed for 60 days with a description and possibly identifying number and if they aren’t claimed in that time period, then they are dealt with pursuant to some local statute (which I didn’t look up).

I guess I was just surprised to see that these abandoned bicycles were given such treatment. I would have figured they’d be trashed immediately.

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