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October 21st, 2009

The Weather Channel’s Movie Night

If you’d like more proof that the content of cable channels has less and less to do with the names of said channels these days, I give you this: The Weather Channel will be showing a weather-related movie every week. Like… Misery, which the AV Club agrees is… odd.

It’s all a ploy to get people to watch TWC more in order to sell more ads. TWC Chief Programmer Geoffrey Darby:

Darby said most viewers on Friday night aren’t interested in much more than the weekend forecast, and that will be updated on the screen six times an hour.

Gosh, if only there was a way to get weather forecasts at any time… that would be so convenient!

Oh, and if you were like me and thinking that Mr. Darby’s name sounded familiar: he was heavily involved in YCDTOTV and Double Dare.

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