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November 1st, 2009

Oversensitive Self-Scanners

We’ve talked a couple of times about the self-checkout lines at grocery stores, and I’ve discussed Bloom before. But, now I’d like to discuss Bloom’s Self-Checkout line.

I was using the self-scanner the other day and have come to the conclusion it’s just totally incompatible with bringing your own bags. When I put my cloth bag in the bagging area, it asked me to “remove your item from the bagging area” and got screwed up as a result, charging me three times for an item I only had two of. I actually had to place my items into a plastic bag in the bagging area (but not outside of the bag!) and then move everything into my cloth bag after I was done. Terribly inefficient.

Oh, and the lane I was in had a busted credit card validator, so I had to end up paying a cashier anyway. Stupid, stupid, stupid. That day, self-scanning took probably 3-4 times as long as just going through a regular line.

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