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February 24th, 2010

Lazy Revolvers

Every day I have the pleasure of using revolving doors. While they can often lead to hilarious results more often than not it’s just a way to get from one side of a place to another.


Yesterday I was entering a revolving door on one side and a woman entered the other side. She made it in first. And instead of moving forward and pushing the door, she appeared to just grab the handle and wait for me to do the revolving. This, of course, gave me little incentive to move forward with force so I too gave it a weak push. In the end I was in the revolving door for over an hour and missed 8 meetings.

I exaggerate a little.

It’s entirely possible that this person physically could not push the door, I give you that. But my first inclination was to label her as a lazy revolver – a freeloader who just wants to have someone else do something for her. Worse, nothing she did indicated otherwise.

Let’s hope this isn’t a trend.

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