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September 3rd, 2012

Kickball, classic style

I kinda hate lifting an entire post from another site, but yo: Mental Floss has the goods today with this rundown on how kickball was played in the 1920s:

To start, as many as 30 players could play at one time. Batters would place the ball on home plate and kick it without a pitcher. As for the fielders, they had to be at least 20 feet away from the kicker, and if the ball failed to reach them, the batter was ruled out.

But perhaps the strangest part of the game was the base running. When the ball was kicked, the runner ran to the base. Yes, the base: There was only one! A runner on base would either try to score when his teammate kicked the ball or stay put, meaning 14 players were allowed to stay on base at one time. If they didn’t return home by the time the last batter on a team kicked, they were out.

Who’s in for a game?

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