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May 6th, 2010

One Sign Your Industry is in Trouble

Very simple: you start running ads about how great you are.

I noticed this most recently when I opened up a magazine and found this two-page spread about how great magazines are. Magazines have changed our lives! They make everything better! And the internet sucks and is (somehow) not immersive at all (because holding a bunch of dead trees is more immersive than watching a video, of course.)

But I thought back to two more recent examples. The radio industry, certainly dying in its current form, has been pushing both HD Radio (as an alternative to XM, Pandora, etc.) and advertising on radio. When I do listen to the radio, I hear more ads than ever – and more of them are for radio. Because radio is here to stay, I guess.

Back in 2003, the movie industry also told us how great they are with the “Movies: They’re Worth It” promos that, apparently, convinced everyone that the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street, any movie with Rob Schneider, and The Bounty Hunter are good movies worth $10-$15.

All I can say to the magazine industry is: good luck keeping your current model. I’ll see you in the funny pape… er, comic app.

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