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September 12th, 2010

The Annoying Music Show

The Annoying Music Show is perhaps the shortest public radio show I’ve ever heard and also one of the most funniest/painful.

Jim Nayder plays terrible music – and I mean terrible music. That’s the show. And it’s about a minute long. That’s it. It’s like a radio version of Twitter for bad songs. What constitutes a bad song? I suspect you know, but a lot of it includes so-called “novelty” records, Hollywood stars trying to sing, and oddball stuff. Last night I heard a strange, choral, Tiny Tim-like cover of “Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da.” It was horrible. Did I mention that it was awful? It was.

In any case, I appreciate that the show is so short – but that’s also what makes it great.

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