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December 27th, 2010


Recently, social bookmarking site Delicious announced they’d be closing up shop (well, technically, Yahoo said they’re going to sell Delicious, but we all know that firing the team and selling off the property isn’t exactly something that bodes well for users of the system). I’ve been a pretty heavy user of Delicious for storing private links as well as sharing links, but I wasn’t sure about where I was going to go. I continued to use Delicious until today when I came across Diigo, another bookmarking site that does pretty much everything Delicious did.

Two things clinched it for me: first, they offered a full import of Delicious bookmarks, including all private bookmarks, keeping privacy in tact. The only thing that doesn’t come over are tag bunches, which I only used minimally anyway (tags were transferred, just not the grouped tags). Secondly, they offered an option to continue publishing your saved links to Delicious when using their bookmarklet or browser extension. Nifty! So, if by some miracle, Delicious is purchased and thrives once again, I’ll be able to switch back with no lost data or any extra import/export work involved.

This is a huge opportunity for social bookmarking tools (and, yeah, I do think they have a place even with Facebook being increasingly used for link sharing), and Diigo is making the most of it.

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