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February 4th, 2011


This past week, we got a little snow. I’m proud to say I’ve now lived through two of Chicago’s top 5 worst blizzards ever; the other one was in 1999. We got more snow then, officially, but the snow, wind, and cold were brutal this week.

This was also the first year I had an actual driveway to dig out and, let me tell you, it was something. My 20-year-old snowblower, a trusty metal shovel, and I were able to work as a team to get the snow out of the way. Drifts on the driveway and near our front door were anywhere from 18 inches to 3 1/2 feet deep; once the snow was piled up, drifts were nearly as tall as I was.

We didn’t get mail delivery on the day after the blizzard. I mean, come ON.

Throughout the blizzard, though, at least I had a few things to do.

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