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February 6th, 2011

Craig Ferguson is great

Although he’s only received a passing mention here on the Ping, I must tell you that Craig Ferguson has quickly become my favorite late night talk show host.

I’m not sure when I started watching, to be honest with you, but I can’t imagine not choosing to watch Craig. His cold opens are often funny, sometimes hilarious, and he follows them up with great monologues – and he’s a good interviewer too. I could do without his sketches but, eh, no one’s perfect.

What impresses me about the guy is that he’s willing to totally drop the traditional late night show format when need be. He did an interview with Stephen Fry in true Tom Snyder style, sans audience. Last week he did a boffo show devoted to Black History Month, which included a great discussion on race with Dr. Cornel West.

And then he returns to his groove with Geoff, his skeleton robot sidekick, and his hand puppets. That’s how he rolls.

I appreciate that he does both the serious discussions and the comedy well. He’s a must-watch in our house, beating out Conan and Stewart/Colbert on most nights. In my pants.

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