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March 16th, 2011

The Bradys

A trip down the Wikipedia memory hole last week led me to an entry on a small, oft-forgotten series: The Bradys.

The main characters were, of course, the Bradys of Bunch fame. But this was an hour-long drama series focusing on the kids as grownups, primarily. And I do remember it but the show was just out of reach for 13-year-old me. And why not? In an episode, race car drivers Bobby is in a severe accident and becomes a paraplegic. And that’s the pilot!

Yes, this feel-good fest was a dramatic change from plots about lost dogs and faulty hair tonic. It’s as if The Monkees came back and decided to do a lawyer show. (Although, let’s be honest, Nesmith can do no wrong so I’m sure it would have been great.) The Bradys lasted just six episodes.

Naturally I’d like to see if it holds up today. My guess is no.

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Maria March 16, 2011, 9:18 pm

Well, this answers a question I had – did I imagine a storyline where Bobby got in a wreck and became a paraplegic? For some reason I thought that happened in A Very Brady Christmas, but when I re-watched that recently it wasn’t part of the story. I guess I must have seen at least one episode of The Bradys back in the day.

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