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May 22nd, 2011

Airport Wifi Blues

I’m not sure which is worse: having to pay for wifi with a lousy experience (like Boingo at Chicago’s airports) or free wifi which requires you to watch a 30-second ad when logging on and peppers your web browsing session with framed banner ads at the top of each page (like Denver International Airport.)

Some airports do get it right. Seattle and San Francisco have moderately speedy to speedy wifi for free, and only require the usual terms and conditions agreement deal. But the banner ads? I can’t imagine who thought that was a good idea.

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Aanen May 23, 2011, 8:43 am

Japan (Narita) and Korea (Inchon) both had free wifi in the airport. Didn’t notice any ads or the like, but then I was using my ipod touch. Never used it at Dulles. I think Frankfurt and Bahrain Intl. both had free wifi.

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