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July 29th, 2011

The Nipple Server

Last night, I was watching this amusing video from MTV in 1995 featuring Kurt Loder talking about the Internet. It was entertaining enough with the typical humorous naiveté about the amazing cultural shift that was underway, but one thing caught my eye in just a flash at 1:42: Greg’s Nipple Server.

Even though I was online in 1995 (quite a bit, actually), I don’t remember this particular Internet sensation. While the site is no longer online, thankfully Pinger Aaron and his team at the Internet Archive save the day. The webmaster took a picture of his left nipple every day and posted it to his site, which was a Hot or Not of one man’s nipple, allowing visitors to vote on Color, Perkiness, and Panache of each teat. To make this whole thing a little more interesting: the “Greg” in question was also behind the hilarious (and Bil Keane infuriating) Dysfunctional Family Circus.

(And, hey, have you seen Jersey Circus? Family Circus cartoons paired with quotes from Jersey Shore.)

In conclusion, the Internet in 1995 was awesome.

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