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September 22nd, 2011

Film Flam

A couple of days ago I was driving by a drugstore with a sign out front that read, “WE STILL PROCESS FILM”. I realized that developing film is probably just not a big business anymore, what with the kids and their digital cameras and what-not.

The last time I shot film was 4 years ago. Internet superstar Heather Champ had acquired a box of indeterminate quality Chinese-made film and gave it all away on the internet. I requested a roll, got one, and took pictures using my wife’s 35mm camera. The photos came out pretty darned well, but it was odd to think that I didn’t get to see the photos instantly.

And of course back in college when I studied photography, digital cameras were prohibitively expensive and shot VGA-ish resolution. So film was the way to go.

Outside of professionals, I’m wondering who is still shooting film and why.

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