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January 4th, 2012

Hey, Strained Copywriter Man!

Listen. I know that writing copy and creating content isn’t easy, and it certainly isn’t easy when there are clients involved. But when I was shopping for water filtration systems, I came across one particularly painful example.

Culligan is a company that has been delivering water for decades, and their mildly popular slogan was, “Hey, Culligan man!”, clearly created in a time when women wouldn’t do such manly man man things like lift heavy water bottles. Nevertheless, they stuck with it and still use it.

The filter I was considering incorporated the phrase into its description. Painfully.

The Culligan FM-15diy faucet mount water filtration system will improve your quality of life to the point where you’ll want to scream “Hey, Culligan man!” just to thank him for helping to make such healthful, refreshing water available.

Ouch. Let’s consider this.

You’re at your sink, getting a glass of water. You turn on the tap and switch to the filter. It’s 7:30am, so naturally what you want to do is scream something out loud. To thank a fictional person, mind you.

I recommend you try screaming this phrase at least once today when enjoying some water. I’m curious to hear what happens.

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t January 4, 2012, 11:20 pm

WTF is this shit lol

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