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April 23rd, 2012

Dick Clark: One More Thing

John Teti wrote a pretty great piece on Dick Clark, putting together his experience in audio with his work on TV shows like Pyramid. Referring to the final round work of Shelley Smith:

And finally you have what is in my opinion, given the stakes and the situation, the best Pyramid clue of all time: “Old-fashioned Japanese women’s feet” for “Things That Are Bound.” It’s not even accurate—foot-binding is a Chinese tradition—but that only makes it better. Facts aren’t the focus of Pyramid; words are. So you use language to make your partner hear in their own head what you hear in yours. A game of sounds.

Nobody was better suited to such a game than Clark. This was a man with an extraordinary ear for sound. More specifically, he had a talent for using the sound of his own voice, his own language, to contextualize and elevate the sound of others.

Great stuff. Well-written and worth a read.

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