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October 2nd, 2012

Hash tagging a storm!

Believable or not, you be the judge: The Weather Channel has taken it upon itself to brand winter storms. (warning: stupid auto-playing video)

This is where a world-class organization such as The Weather Channel will play a significant role. We have the meteorological ability, support and technology to provide the same level of reporting for winter storms that we have done for years with tropical weather systems.

In addition to providing information about significant winter storms by referring to them by name, the name itself will make communication and information sharing in the constantly expanding world of social media much easier. As an example, hash tagging a storm based on its name will provide a one-stop shop to exchange all of the latest information on the impending high-impact weather system.

Hash tagging a storm. HASH TAGGING A STORM.

You might be wondering what these names are. Well, here you go. Truly, truly bad: Khan. Q. Yogi. Gandalf. WINTER STORM Q! WINTER STORM KHAN! #WINTERSTORMKHAN!

This is madness. This is what The Weather Channel is under Comcast’s ownership: an entertainment channel about the weather. (Via The Loop.)

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