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January 13th, 2013

Submitting resumes

Over the past few months, I’ve had to submit a number of resumes to various companies. One thing I’ve deduced: searching for a job sucks due in part to terrible resume submission experiences.

For one, it’s not anywhere near a standardized process. Some companies ask you to e-mail them (easiest of all), others have you fill out a form that asks for information that’s already on your resume. Yet others will try to deduce the information they need from your resume when you upload it and they always do a terrible job. The closest it comes to a decent experience is being able to fill out an application once and the use it to apply for multiple jobs now or in the future at the same company.

And, of course, hiring is way different than it was even a decade ago. If you don’t get offered a job, you likely just won’t hear back from the people you interviewed with. And if you don’t get offered an interview, count your blessings if you get an automated response that says your information was received.

Somebody fix this, please. Thx.

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