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January 8th, 2000


With all of the media hoople and buzz over the past few years about the net, most of it has centered around the web. And, I guess, there’s a reason for that: the web has the potential to be the closest thing to television since, uhm, television. But I want to remind you of a very simple, predominantly text based system that is much more powerful than the web.

It’s email, Jim.

Email is just plainly better than the web in some ways. While the web can use cookies and the like for personalization, email is extremely personal. It’s for you and usually only you. There’s also something about email being text-based that is charming in that "early 1990s" kind of way, back when text-only was all you had. But if you really want to, you can send HTML-formatted mail.

It’s also speedy – it sure beats the US Mail. While you still can’t emulate sealed envelopes online to perfrection, it’s getting pretty close. Soon the US Mail won’t have a chance – email will do everything that Snail Mail can, and more. I’m very much looking forward to that day. -pm

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