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January 9th, 2000

You’re stupid. Dot com.

Talk about a gimmick. Why would anyone else legally change their name to “Dot Com Guy?” Whatever — gimmicks are always short-lived as will his notoriety (though he is planning to spend all of this year inside his house — the ultimate Net Geek). But, here’s something a little more interesting…

Dave Davidson wasn’t sure whether he should name his newborn child Josh or Luke. So he went online — he noticed that was still available. He went ahead and named his kid Josh. Unfortunately, this weirdo also decided to change his own name to “,” which he explains in the above article with no real convincing arguments. But it is kind of interesting that he went online first to see if a domain name for his son was available before he named him. Who knows — maybe I’ll be doing the same thing in another 5 years. 🙂 -ram

(Addendum, Jan. 20, 2000: Add the town of Halfway to the list of publicity-seekers; it has renamed itself

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