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January 10th, 2000

The Bulls are scaring me.

At the start of the NBA season, I made a bold, unwise prediction that the Bulls would finish the season 38-44, which is just a few games below .500. And with their incredible … er, talent… they have just set the basketball world on fire with their new lowlights.

I am very scared to say that the Bulls have won three games in a row. This is the first time in, well, too long since it’s happened. They’re now 5-25 which, while not good by any stretch, is a whole lot better than 2-23. What’s gotten into them? Was Toni Kukoc that vital to the team?

It’s scary. If my prediction comes true, I’ll be freaking out. -pm

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frankenbuzz April 27, 2007, 11:07 pm

how ’bout dem bulls eh???

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