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January 14th, 2000

George Jetson: Your watch has arrived.

It’s quite amazing to think that just five years ago, MP3s didn’t exist. I mean, heck, who would think about storing CD quality music on a computer? And being able to access it when you want it – music on demand? Bah to that.

Of course, MP3s became one of the darlings of the late 90s and it appears as if they won’t sit out for the 00s. Casio has introduced what has to be one of the neatest gadgets ever: a watch that not only connects to your computer via USB, but also stores 33 minutes of MP3-format music.

It’s a watch. This type of thing was only supposed to happen on The Jetsons, wasn’t it? Didn’t George even have a videophone on his wrist? I’m sure we’ll see that soon, too.

Technology has just gotten so great, hasn’t it? Casio didn’t stop there, though: they’ve also released a watch-sized digital camera. Oh sure, it’s black and white and teeny tiny but still – a whole digital camera now fits around your wrist. That’s pretty amazing. The wearable PC can’t be that far off now, can it?

Gadgets rule. -pm

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