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January 13th, 2000

Ryan Explains How To Nap

In college I mastered the nap. I’d come back to my dorm room between classes and have two minutes to swap books and get to the next class and I’d spend 30-45 seconds of those two minutes asleep on my bed.

At one point, I had a list on my door of the different levels of napping, with time ranging from 30 seconds to 20 minutes. Though I don’t remember the exact details, I will attempt to recount the categories for you here.

  • Nano-nap: 30 seconds-2 minutes
  • Micro-nap: 2-5 minutes
  • Mini-nap: 5-10 minutes
  • Macro-nap: 10-15 minutes
  • Power nap: 15-20 minutes
  • Full Night’s Sleep: Over 20 minutes
Mastery of these nap-styles, especially during the college years, will keep you alert and ready for even the most boring class. -ram

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