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February 2nd, 2000

Christopher Reeve

I tell you, I admire Christopher Reeve something awful. Not for that Super Bowl ad in which he appeared to walk (thanks to a bunch of investors, no less). But just because he shows that the spirit is stronger than the body.

When I first heard of his accident, I was mildly interested. I figured that he’d be okay, but as it turns out, that wasn’t the case. So he was left with an incredibly difficult decision: do I want to live the remainder of my life paralyzed? Sure, there is always a possible cure, but the chances are slim. Right there, I admit that I’d probably say no and forget about it. I don’t think I could handle it.

But he has continued on. His family has supported him, and he has even done some acting since the accident. That’s remarkable and something quite admirable. While I admit that it saddens me that it took a life-threatening injury to make people look at Reeve as a person instead of a movie star, at least they do. -pm

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