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February 10th, 2000

2000 Apathy

In every election in which I’ve been able to vote (one!), I’ve felt this overwhelming need to lose myself in the election. I mean, I’d actually study the candidates and see who had standings on issues relatively close to mine. Then, of course, I’d just choose whichever President had the coolest name.

In seriousness, though, I feel a strange sense of apathy with the 2000 election because I really don’t like any of the candidates and I now don’t care who wins (although I have a personal thing against Bush). As I said, it’s strange because I understand that this is how our country works (although the electoral college really gets people in office) and I have a chance to make a stand, but I’m considering just not voting for a President this time out. Just not at all.

I would still vote for the lesser offices, I suppose, but a write-in for the top spot might be in order. Larry Zebbart, perhaps? -pm

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