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February 26th, 2000

My TV Network in detail.

In the era of 500 channel Dish Network subscriptions, I think there’s room for my TV network. I don’t have a name for it, I have no money, and I have no rights to any of the shows I wish to broadcast… but what’s wrong with that? The programming will consist of the following:

Hunter. Any TV network without Hunter is not worth watching.
Home Again with Bob Vila. A man’s man. Bob Vila.
The Simpsons. The funniest show on television.
Cheers. Used to be the funniest show on television.
Family Ties: For weekend afternoons when nothing else is on.
Car and Driver Television: Of course.
Golden Girls. It was good, all right?
Saved By The Bell. A no-brainer.
Press Your Luck. No whammies!
Star Trek: The Next Generation. Nothing wrong with a little Trek, is there?

Plus, of course, good movies. Really. -pm

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FROM: Matt
DATE: Saturday February 26, 2000 -- 3:03:34PM
That post was classic. I have been trying to get enough interest going to try and get a new Press Your Luck on tv. The best wammie was either the break dancing one or the one with the dynamite and detenator.
As far as my fantasy tv network
Beans Baxter
Unsolved Mysteries
Good Times
Whats Happening
Family Ties
Dukes Of Hazzard
Pee Wees Playhouse
Get A Life
The State
and great nba games and wrestling
oh throw in some underground hip-hop videos
I would still only end up watching tv for about three hours on the weekend anyway

FROM: Paul
DATE: Saturday February 26, 2000 -- 4:23:24PM
The break-dancing Whammy would, of course, be dancing to "Mambo No. 5" if the show was still around today. And Peter Tomarken's hair would be even more artificial.

I forgot about The State, and I'd throw in Kids in the Hall, too.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday February 26, 2000 -- 10:25:04PM
I had a friend in high school who had a poem of hers read on PRESS YOUR LUCK... she had written it about the Whammies when she was a little girl. That's a hell of a claim to fame. :)

What about that guy who figured out how to avoid the whammies and win rediculous amounts of money?

... Ryan

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday February 26, 2000 -- 11:16:27PM
In addition --

While SbtB is on at 7am and 7:30am on weekday mornings on TBS, Family Ties is on Saturday mornings at that time (as I found out today). What a great show. :)

A few shows I need:

* What's Happening??? -- The greatest show in the history of TV. I was a huge fan when I was in Kindergarten and would do anything to get the whole series on video.

* Any number of game shows (some of which play on the Heaven-like Game Show Network): Card Sharks, Joker's Wild, etc.

* An all-horror movie network that played good horror flicks in widescreen format, including foreign movies and those that most people in America couldn't stomach (Cannibal Holocaust anyone?). There would maybe be four of us that would watch this channel, but if I had it, I wouldn't need any other TV. :)

* A channel that replays old WWF shows, especially Saturday Night's Main Event. I really need to see classic jobbers like Moondog Spot and Moondog Rex, Barry O, and SD Jones again.

... Ryan

FROM: Robert
DATE: Sunday February 27, 2000 -- 3:08:04PM
There could be a good market in a cable network aimed at bachelors. Every couple of hours it could broadcast porno; in the moments between a rotating schedule of old game shows ("Press Your Luck" and "Price is Right" are my personal choices), idiotic action movies (featuring "Schwarzenegger Saturday" and "Stallone Sunday"), and beer commercials.

FROM: pistol jack
DATE: Sunday May 7, 2000 -- 7:36:38PM
i don't know how any of you guys could have forgotten about this one; maybe it was so obvious that you just didn't think about it, but 'Seinfeld'? that needs to be on every channel. plus you always need some sportscenter, and i don't know about the rest of you, but i love the Batman cartoons on the WB. Batman Beyond is good, but the Batman cartoons are just great! i love cartoons, so maybe we should also throw some Scooby Doo on, along with all of the classic cartoons like Tom and Jerry and all the rest. and of course wrestling. then i would never turn the channel

DATE: Monday January 8, 2001 -- 12:56:58AM

FROM: Andrew Schroy
DATE: Thursday July 3, 2003 -- 12:32:09 am
Uh... Matt? You mentioned something about trying to get Press Your Luck back on TV? There's a revival of the show on Game Show Network called Whammy! (I was hoping it could be on WWOR, KCAL, KTVU, KCRA, WSBK, WPWR, among others) It stars Todd Newton, and although he's good, he's no Peter Tomarken (could've used him to host). I actually thought the announcer for this revival was either Rod Roddy or Burton Richardson (It's Arseniooooooo......), but Gary Kroeger's the announcer. It's a good show, IMHO.

FROM: Kate
DATE: Thursday July 3, 2003 -- 1:15:56 am
Necessary shows:

Passions (hey, it's funny)
Golden Girls
Trading Spaces
Lots of entertaining infomercials

FROM: jimmy conner
DATE: Sunday September 12, 2004 -- 4:00:27 pm
Burton Richardson is one of the best television announcers who did it and with the audiece warmup that got away with it!!!!!!!!

FROM: Lisa E.
DATE: Sunday February 26, 2006 -- 4:31:10 pm
First - I have to buy a tv and then second a satellite dish. Then comes the really tricky part since I live in the UK...

But to start my tv station would have

Card Sharks (the Jim Perry version)
Press Your Luck
Match Game
Good Times
All in the Family
The Courtship of Eddies Father
Degrassi Jr High
Degrassi High
The Righteous Apples
The Two of Us
The Facts of Life
Battlestar Galactica
The ABC Afterschool Specials
The Kroft Supershow (with Dr Shrinker, Electra Woman and Dynagirl, etc)
HR Puff n Stuff
The Far Out Space Nuts
Land of the Lost
The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show
Nanny & The Professor

- and that show where Rick Springfield (really young) was a cartoon and these high school kids went through a chalkboard into some other world? Their teacher was names Miss Tickle...

Heck - add The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family to that

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