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February 25th, 2000

The Story About Ping

Story About Ping

THE STORY ABOUT PING by Marjorie Flack and Kurt Wiese I read this book to Willy one day half expecting him to cut me off mid-first-page, as it has none of the elements he's usually interested in. But he listened all the way, asked for it again, and has asked for it millions of times since then. It's another example of a classic that is a classic for a reason. There is something about this story that is really haunting. The pictures are so expressive, and the story so scary in a controlled way. Willy has asked me a lot about China since reading this book, and wants to go see the Yangtze River and the Wise Eyed Boat. It's one of the first times a book has sparked new interests in him, rather than a book just happening to cater to his interests.

story stolen from the mother of 5-year-old Willy and his 2-year-old brother Frank

big up to Frank-oh


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