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September 12th, 2011

Then they came for my cookies, and I didn’t speak out

Something I learned by flying a lot: sometimes, passengers give flight crews cookies or other small treats. In return these people tend to get free drinks or other little things as a thank you – but it’s not guaranteed.

The Chicago Fear Everything.. er… Tribune had a fellow write-in and share his concern over a cookie-sharing incident on a plane. I must say that the liberal evocation of September 11 is just a bit much.

“I was just so stunned by how excited the stewardess was acting,” [22-year-old Trevor Gray] said. “You would think the flight crew is trained to evaluate the situation, but she blindly started eating the cookies and handing them out.

“She then goes into the cockpit to serve cookies to the pilots,” said Gray, who said he watched intently from his seat in Row 5. “I go, ‘Oh, no, this is getting worse by the second.’ I am thinking something is wrong. I was pretty afraid.”

Worse is that they soon distributed cookies to the passengers. Gray mistook the complimentary cookies which Frontier hands out on flights with these potentially deadly cookies. The whole thing started to sound kind of weird to me, and then the truth came out:

Gray, who recalled an experience he had in eighth grade in which several students brought brownies laced with laxatives to school for a birthday, stayed in his seat on the plane and did not speak up.

So there you have it. I feel a little bad for Gray in part because I’m sure he just needed a really good bidet back in the eighth grade. But to suddenly put all of this together and think, “The cookies are made of people! Or poison!” felt like just a bit much.

Gray’s mother perhaps said it best. Emphasis mine:

“My thinking was this is something that could be serious and easily slip through if no one reports it,” Sandy Gray said. “What if this was a trial run to test whether a cookie terror attack could bring down a plane? It’s the stupidest thing, but who knows? You have to be concerned, especially when you have a plane up in the air.”

Indeed. The stupidest thing.

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