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February 29th, 2000

Campaign signs

Whether it’s because I live in a DC suburb or just the fact it’s election season, there have been posts with politically-oriented signs along almost every major road in the area. Some urge drivers to vote “Bush in 2000” or “McCain in 2000.” These signs raise two questions:

  1. Do any of these candidates really need signs like this? I’m pretty sure most people know who Bush, McCain, Bradley, and Gore are. It’s not as if the signs give any indication as to what these candidates stand for, so why aren’t there more signs with people’s names we don’t know posted along the road? How about “George Smith in 2000 —” I know I’d be a lot more curious to check out a web site based on someone I had never heard of before.
  2. Do any of these “big 4” signs actually influence voters? Picture driving by a “Bush in 2000” sign and saying, “You know, that sign’s made me change my mind. I’m not going to vote for McCain in the primary any more.”

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