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March 1st, 2000

Today’s Acronym…

bnm or b-n-m


Use when referring to a physical store, rather than an online store. Use it in a conversation sometime this week and report back for bonus points. -ram

Posted in Technology

FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday March 1, 2000 -- 12:34:23AM
Heh, funny you should mention that. Was looking over my BBSucks page the other day and used "BNM" - almost forgot what it meant.

FROM: lizzy inconsistent
DATE: Friday March 3, 2000 -- 2:41:58AM
i'm reading an article in inter@ctive magazine that uses the term "clicks-n-mortar" to refer to businesses (such as that have online and concrete presences

FROM: Barbara
DATE: Friday March 3, 2000 -- 10:33:04AM
I was in a lecture on Monday that discussed whether University's should invest in BNM or concentrate their resources on technology, such as greater emphasis online classes. I thought it was cool that colleges and universities can have concrete and online presences too.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday December 15, 2000 -- 9:41:00PM
I wanted to make some statement of the difference between mortar and concrete, but I don't want to paint myself more of a geek.

FROM: chrysler
DATE: Tuesday April 24, 2001 -- 9:02:23PM

FROM: Brian
DATE: Sunday June 10, 2001 -- 4:22:31PM

See the post above ---^ Guess Lee Iococa was a little too fast with the Enter key.

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 2:12:36 pm

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