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March 5th, 2000

Click Death

About a year ago I got a ZIP drive to start archiving some of my more important information on my already-too-full hard drive. Less than three months after getting it, it started an obnoxious clicking when I tried to read certain disks. I really had no idea of the common nature of this problem, or the severity, until I read about Click Death. Boy was I happy to read that it’s likely all the disks that “click” when they’re in the drive are likely corrupted and the data is unrecoverable! Thanks, Iomega, for making a crappy ass product to help me lose my data faster!

I’m going to try and get in touch with them for a replacement, but I doubt it’ll do any good since it’s been a year since I’ve bought my drive and on top of that, the drive I bought was refurbished.

Has anyone else run into a problem with Click Death? I’d be interested to hear your experiences dealing with Iomega. -ram

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Dave Walls May 20, 2009, 12:57 pm

(Sorry for the 9 year late reply..if you haven’t read the Ping, it’s new to YOU!)

I’m curious as to whether or not you ever got your data off your Zip drive. I used Zips in college, when my radio production had to be done in .wav files. (What’s this new format I keep hearing about? .mp something?) I lost Gigs of my early production work due to drives getting the click death. I’d never buy anything ever related to Iomega again. I’m still pissed, 10 years later.

On a side note, Iomega appears to be still around, and having the nerve to still sell Zip drives? That takes some brass ones. (No link to their site, I wouldn’t give them the pleasure.)

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