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March 9th, 2000

Baby in the Air

A few months back I got an e-mail from an elementary school friend that I hadn’t heard from in years. In the note, he sparked a memory of a game that we used to play called “Baby in the Air.” The basic idea was that one person would have a ball (usually a kickball) and the rest of the players would stand around him in a circle. Each player would have drawn a number beforehand, and as the person in the middle threw the ball high into the air, he’d yell “Baby in the air, number…” Whoever had their number called had to wait for the ball to come down, catch it, and then yell “freeze!” Everyone would then stop in their tracks and the person who caught the ball would be allowed to take 3 big steps in any direction. Then he would try to “peg” somebody else with the ball (lots of kids game require “pegging” someone, it seems). If he hit that person, they would be the next tosser, if not, then he was.

Did this game exist elsewhere with a different name? In any event, I think someone should start a professional “Baby in the Air” league. 🙂 -ram

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