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March 10th, 2000

The Web in 2010

Here is my incredibly bold prediction for what the web will be in ten years.

1. First off, something will come along and change the HTTP protocol. I’ve used the "mmtp://" moniker in future-based productions, so let’s go with that. MMTP meaning, of course, "multimedia transfer protocol."
2. The domain name system as we know it will no longer exist. All United States domains will have ".us" as a suffix – you know, like the rest of the world.
3. HTML will no longer exist. We’ll be using a language that takes the best elements of HTML and Flash, and merges them.
4. Web browsers will not be exclusive to the PC (duh!) They’ll be in our phones, televisions, stereos… everything. They’ll become ubiquitous.
5. Of course, those browsers will be written by someone other than Microsoft. It sure as hell won’t be Netscape, though. (Opera?)
6. High speed access will dominate, but still not be available everywhere.
7. Overall, the medium will advance to the point of interactive television, but better.

I won’t make predictions about The Daily Ping, but you can bet there’ll be at least one entry in 2010 from me about that great 90s show, Seinfeld. -pm

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