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March 11th, 2000

Oreos, Part 1: Big Stuff Oreos

Here’s a product I long for the return of: Big Stuff Oreos.

I don’t know how long ago Nabisco stopped making them, but about 9 or 10 years ago, I remember occasionally getting these as a stocking stuffer. The marketing campaign used (big surprise) the song “Mr. Big Stuff” in the TV ads. It was basically a BAO (“Big Ass Oreo”), about the size of a large coaster, filled with ridiculous amounts of creme filling. I have no idea what the saturated fat content on one of these was, but it has to be right up there with chicken pot pies. Big Stuff Oreoes were so rich that there was no way I could ever eat one in one sitting; it usually took two or three. -ram

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FROM: Old Fezziwig
DATE: Saturday March 11, 2000 -- 12:47:53AM
Oh yeah - Big Stuff Oreos were great! I think they still make Double Stuff Oreos which are the same size as regular Oreos, only thicker. You can just get a few of these, stack them on top of each other, and pretend it's a Big Stuff.
-Old Fezz

FROM: Paul
DATE: Sunday March 12, 2000 -- 1:10:56PM
I remember the Big Stuff... man, that thing was huge. We need more cookies like that.

FROM: Joan
DATE: Tuesday March 14, 2000 -- 5:01:11PM
I've never heard of Big Stuff oreos. I asked my sister because she is a big oreo fan and she hadn't heard of them either. Was it just promoted in some areas as a trial test?

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday March 14, 2000 -- 5:11:27PM
Joan -- I think they were available all over the place (though I can't find anything about them on the web, anywhere) for a couple years in the early 90's.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday March 15, 2000 -- 9:52:45AM
Eskimo Pie now makes an ice cream sandwich called, yes, Oreo Big Stuf. However, it's not the same thing; after all, it's ice cream. But check it out. I am 100% sure that the non-ice cream Big Stuf was nowhere near this size.

Mr. [Frozen] Big Stuf

FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday March 15, 2000 -- 9:56:20AM
...and Nabisco's site mentions Big Stuf, but no elaboration.

A Snippet

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday March 15, 2000 -- 10:36:52AM
Paul -- well done finding the (albeit limited) information... more than I found! :) Those ice cream Big Stufs (couldn't they have found a new name?!) are fatter than the cookies I remember, but I think they are smaller, diameterwise.

Other interesting links I just came across:

Recipe (including the creme!)
Super Oreos (a good idea!)

DATE: Thursday March 22, 2001 -- 1:21:05AM
Thank the Lord im not the only one who remembers these. I was the envy of everyone at school at lunch time. My Mom sent one with me everyday. Then one day they were gone. I miss them. I want them back. We need to start a movement and get them back.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday March 22, 2001 -- 9:47:03AM
She sent you one every day, Amy? My Lord! Those things were gigantic... even with my cookie-obsessed self, it still took me several days to eat just one, and by that point, I was Oreo-ed out.

Every day. Wow.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday March 22, 2001 -- 12:20:49PM
Two summers ago I made a regular (bad) habit of eating Oreos and milk almost every day. It finally ended when I ran out of regular Oreos and, in my desperation, decided to go ahead and dunk the Double Stuffs my mom had given me. That set me straight on Oreo abuse for a very long time.

FROM: Mike Scaviola
DATE: Wednesday April 11, 2001 -- 12:43:40PM
I called Nabisco and they confirmed that the Big Stuf cookies were discontinued in 1991. The Nabisco website breifly mentions them here:
I am very interested in anyone that has one of these cookies, even if it is VERY expired. The wrapper will do - some people do not believe me that such a miracle cookie was ever produced.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday April 11, 2001 -- 3:30:14PM
Mike -- Good detective work! :) I'd be willing to bet that something Big Stuf-related would show up on ebay at some point.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday April 11, 2001 -- 3:37:57PM
Something else I came across on this page:
The Eskimo Pie Corp. has recently added the Arctic Madness single serve novelty to their product line. This great tasting item, along with all the other premium Eskimo Pie Products (OREO Big Stuf, OREO Cone, King Size Eskimo Pie, Wlechs Juice Bar) are available now from The Matterhorn Company. For more information call (800) 822-1635.

FROM: Mandy
DATE: Sunday August 11, 2002 -- 6:25:43 pm
If any more info comes to light, please send it my way. How could I have missed out on these? (And how can we get them back?!)

FROM: Jose Quiroz
DATE: Tuesday December 17, 2002 -- 3:07:15 pm
Here in Venezuela (South America) we had Oreo big stuff... buy listen this... we have also WHITE oreo's, and time ago we had chocolate cream oreos and white big stuff with chocolate cream. white oreos are vanilla flavour cookies (but same design)

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday December 17, 2002 -- 3:57:26 pm
Oh my. Oh. My.

My head is about to explode from the delicious thoughts swimming around...

FROM: Adam McFadden
DATE: Sunday March 2, 2003 -- 11:16:18 am
i don't know if any of you remember the chocolate covered oreos. They were around years ago when i was a kid but were discontinued, if anybody knows anything on these..right me back as soon as possible! from a die hard oreo FAN!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Sunday March 2, 2003 -- 3:40:47 pm
There are fudge-covered Oreos out now... I'd imagine they're pretty much the same thing...

FROM: Shannon
DATE: Friday March 21, 2003 -- 6:27:11 pm
I Miss the Big Stuff Oreo, you think we could get it back????

DATE: Tuesday June 17, 2003 -- 12:26:38 pm
Trying to find if anyone makes the "original eskimo pies"

FROM: Paul
DATE: Tuesday June 17, 2003 -- 1:00:33 pm
Well, the most logical thing to do is post about it on a page talking about Oreos.

FROM: Jeremiah
DATE: Wednesday July 9, 2003 -- 2:48:43 am
Man, I have been trying to convince my friends that they did exist, i couldn't remember the name of them but im glad so many people feel the same as i did, im also glad, to my relief, that i wasn't going crazy.

FROM: aaliyah
DATE: Wednesday October 1, 2003 -- 2:27:17 pm
i was waaaaaaaaaay to yung i didnt kno about WOW:bowling:

FROM: brian
DATE: Thursday January 15, 2004 -- 2:36:43 pm
they were awesome! if anybody has access to a picture of one of these i would love to refresh my memory and get my salivatory grands flowing.

FROM: brian
DATE: Thursday January 15, 2004 -- 7:01:39 pm
i need, i repeat, NEED a picture of a big stuf oreo A S A P.

FROM: brian
DATE: Friday January 16, 2004 -- 5:34:21 pm
well its the next day now. i still have no picture. people, i am dying here i want a big stuf oreo like you cannot imagine however a picture will suffice. PLEASE if anybody is out there, i need a picture.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday January 16, 2004 -- 9:48:21 pm
Despite what you may think, we don't just have a picture of a Big Stuf Oreo sitting around that we're refusing to send. Chill out and maybe this'll help you instead.

FROM: brian
DATE: Saturday January 17, 2004 -- 11:32:22 am
that helps, i can sleep now. i am disappointed about how it is home-made. plus the original was not a big mac style triple decker. however, your efforts are greatly appreciated. if an original pic pops up, keep me in mind.

FROM: erica
DATE: Tuesday February 17, 2004 -- 12:28:02 am
here's a pic of the best cookie in the world...

FROM: brian
DATE: Tuesday March 9, 2004 -- 3:24:16 pm
erica, you alone are my hero. if i could pick one woman to be with it would be you. you have shown me happiness through a picture of a big stuf oreo. thanks.

FROM: Nicole
DATE: Monday April 26, 2004 -- 9:57:15 pm
Just thought I'd share...I've just sent an email to Nabisco...I'll let you know the response once it makes it my way. I'll cut and paste what I've sent, for all to see.........

To Whom It May Concern:
I am aware that this will not be the first time you have recieved a question regarding your discontinued "Big Stuff Oreo"...But, I would like to know why on earth would the new "Uh-oh's" or "Golden's" be created when the best cookie in the Oreo family has already been invented? And, having asked this, how could the best ever invented Oreo be discontinued? And why has it not tried to make a comeback? This is a serious question...I'm not joking around here. Do you think it is even remotely possible to distribute these glorious cookies to the public once more? There are some dedicated fans of the "Big Stuff" over at "The Daily Ping", you can check it out for yourself...
Please, "Uh-Oh's" and "Golen's" can go...we just want the "Big Stuff"!

FROM: Caitlin
DATE: Tuesday June 8, 2004 -- 2:16:40 pm
I am so thankful for this website, I was a chubby little kid and always thought that my love of this big stuff oreo was a dream I had when I was little because no one I ask has ever heard of it, so thank you!!!

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 2:14:50 pm

DATE: Tuesday January 25, 2005 -- 4:15:05 pm
Has anyone ever had deep fied oreo's? they are soo good, somehow. we always get them at the halloween festival at those hick-run stands, they are like a dollar for 1, but they are so worth it.

FROM: dude
DATE: Tuesday March 1, 2005 -- 11:07:01 am

FROM: unknown
DATE: Tuesday March 1, 2005 -- 11:07:52 am
i love oreo cookies .... i want to marry them and have kids with them!!!!!...o yaa!!!

FROM: asss
DATE: Tuesday March 1, 2005 -- 11:09:40 am
suck ma big ass hole u fukin sluts

FROM: Mindi
DATE: Sunday May 21, 2006 -- 7:40:48 am
I adore the Oreo Big Stuff cookies. I use to buy them by the case and give them to my Dad. We would sit on the porch and eat them with a gallon of milk. We guarded them like "porch dogs". I could not find them anymore after 1992. If the Nabisco people are reading this.."BRING BACK THE COOKIE AND NO ONE GETS HURT!"

Jeremy December 24, 2006, 5:37 am

Does anyone no anything about the coffee n cream oreos? They seem to have been discontinued and I can’t find anything anywhere about them.

julie May 18, 2008, 11:23 pm

you can find old *Big Stuff Oreo* commercials on youtube


Robin September 3, 2008, 5:36 pm

I think Nabisco should bring back Oreo Big Stuf, but they should make it smaller, like 2 cookies worth, so that it can also be a 100-calorie pack Oreo cookie. I mean, I have heard of a lot of people saying that they can’t finish a Big Stuf Oreo in one sitting. Is that a good idea?

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