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April 18th, 2000

Wacky Packages

Gosh, I loved these things as a kid. I had at least three of the sticker albums… unfortunately, I think most of them ended up there instead of remaining in their packs. -pm

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FROM: Robert
DATE: Tuesday April 18, 2000 -- 6:48:00PM
I remember this jerk in second grade named Michael getting caught with a bunch of those cards. The "Ghost" (play on Coast) soap one sticks out in my mind the most.

Right after that the Garbage Pail Kids got huge. Ah, those were the days long before this silly Pokemon business.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Friday April 21, 2000 -- 1:19:11AM
I have lots of wacky packs from when they started re-making them in like the arly 90's

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday April 21, 2000 -- 2:29:22PM
I found them. I was cleaning my closet yesterday and found two albums' worth of Wacky Packages. Of course, they're highlighted and penned up galore, but most of the stickers are fully intact on the pages. They're still funny today.

FROM: Paul Starink [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday November 26, 2003 -- 11:33:04 pm
If you are looking for some new series to collect check out These are the Silly Supermarket Stickers (just released). They are spoofs just like Wacky Packages.

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 2:19:25 pm

FROM: Rusty [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday July 20, 2005 -- 4:07:05 am
There are 2 new series of wackys out now. Take a look at

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