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April 19th, 2000

Dark Passage

While reading through a random weblog the other day, there was a link included to the outstanding Forgotten NY project, which has pictures and descriptions of various forgotten or hidden away places throughout NYC (like small alleys in Queen or a road that’s just a grass plot in the Bronx). From there, I found the equally-outstanding Dark Passage, which takes you to those dark, forbidden places in the city that you’ve always wondered about, such as abandoned hospitals and hotels.

A particularly engrossing one was The Grand Central Station / Waldorf Astoria Connection, where our explorers took their camera underneath the subway to find out if the rumored underground passage between Grand Central and the Waldorf Astoria really existed. It’s a wonderful read that recounts a meeting with a rail employee with some interesting stories to tell about the underground maze.

From Dark Passages you can get to the Urban Exploration Web Ring for even more underground (literally) fun. -ram

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