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April 22nd, 2000

TV Turnoff Week

Today begins TV Turnoff Week. Give it a try. -pm

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FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday April 22, 2000 -- 12:50:24AM
I've already given in. :)

FROM: Robert
DATE: Saturday April 22, 2000 -- 6:15:02PM
I've long wanted to participate in this but I never know until it's started. Oh well, just another reminder that I'd be better off doing my own thing. So join me for Robert's TV Turnoff Week in June. If I remember...

FROM: amy
DATE: Monday April 9, 2001 -- 2:55:58PM
I guess TV turnoff week is a good and also productive national holiday. However, I believe that many people are taking watching the TV way overboard. TV is not as harmful as everyone thinks.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday April 9, 2001 -- 9:15:03PM
I'm supposed to go to a drag show on Thursday, which makes this TV Turn-on week.

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 2:20:01 pm

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