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November 14th, 2008

Hard Drive Pricing

Today was a milestone of some sorts in the technology world: NewEgg is offering up a 1TB hard drive for US$100.

That got me to thinking how much all of this has changed, naturally, and the internet didn’t let me down, naturally. Check out this historical pricing chart for hard drives. The downside for me? It’s in Australian dollars, not US dollars. That requires conversion which makes my brain hurt.

Ten years ago for instance, a 2GB drive cost AUS$225. Twenty years ago, a 20MB drive was AUS$485. For reference, that US$100 drive would cost about AUS$153. That’s an amazing drop in any currency – even beans.

And for fun via MetaFilter is a hard drive page from 2006 wherein a 500GB drive cost a whopping US$354.99. Amazing.

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