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April 24th, 2000

Wanted: Good Image Search Engine!

As part of one of my school assignments this weekend, I needed to find a relatively complete picture of the Chicago skyline. It didn’t have to be fancy; it had to have four distinct locations depicted. That’s it. Relatively simple parameters, no?

I guess they weren’t. I first jetted over to, as it’s linked off of All The Web. Using "chicago skyline" did give me some pictures of the skyline – but none suitable for my task. In addition, I got such diverse images as this, this, and this.

Unsatisfied, I hopped over to (incidentally, something I don’t see promoted too often). "Chicago skyline" gave me a whopping zero results, but "Chicago" did give me things such as the Bulls logo.

Desperate, I tried to Ask Jeeves. Jeeves understood my question and referred me to a site called Photos To Go. There, I saw some great pictures of Chicago’s skyline! One even looked suitable to the task. The problem? All images are fully copyrighted and are actually for sale. That’s not going to do it.

With all of these misses in mind, I hereby suggest that someone (Google?) gets an image search engine out there. I realize there are complications with indexing GIFs and JPGs compared to HTML pages, but come on… IPIX found no images under "chicago skyline"? Not one? Please. -pm

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