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April 25th, 2000


This particular product was mentioned on Slashdot a while ago, but ever since I saw the press release from Opera, I’ve been meaning to bring it up here.

Freepad is a wireless, flat-screen, Linux-based Internet device developed in Norway. The potential of this thing is amazing — right away I could see this unit hanging on the wall in my kitchen, serving as a wireless connection to the Net (or perhaps workstations throughout the house) to look up recipes, movie times, or a phone number. The size and attractive appearance of the Freepad make this something that, if the price was right, would be worth adding to guest rooms, the family room, or what the hell — the bathroom (an interactive bathroom experience — I like the sound of that). Throw on the Opera browser for reliability and added speed, and this is one sweet unit.

Of course, because of it’s wireless nature and how far behind we are compared to where we should be, devices like this won’t start appearing in homes in the States for another three or four years, at least. It’s unfortunate, too, because I’m ready to hook a few up now. -ram

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