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April 29th, 2000

South Park and Elian

I hardly ever watch South Park anymore — it’s still amusing and everything, but it doesn’t have nearly the same appeal as it did when I was in college watching it with a group of friends. But for whatever reason, I watched this past Wednesday’s South Park and was truly amazed.

What impressed me wasn’t that it was overly funny (though it was good), but the fact that the show dealt with Elian Gonzalez and his recent abduction by Reno and her troops. Think about — these guys wrote, animated, editted, and aired a show so timely that it was making references to specific events from only three days earlier. Impressive.

Most memorable scene: the image of Janet Reno in a Easter Bunny outfit weilding a machine gun.

The show airs again this weekend on Comedy Central and is called “Quintuplets.” -ram

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