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April 28th, 2000

There’s some new Elements in town.

Have you tried them? I had seen a co-worker with Gravity, which had "Carrot Infusion" listed as its tagline. Carrots? I was curious… and still am. I hadn’t seen Gravity in stores at all – until today.

I had time to kill this afternoon, so I stopped by Brothers Coffee. Lo and behold, there was a sign promoting not one but two new Elements: Gravity and Meteor. I opted for the pinkish hue of Meteor versus Gravity’s orange. Meteor had kind of a tangerine-kiwi flavor, not sweet, and very very good. Not Rain good, but better than Sun (for my money.)

Anyone try Gravity?

I find it interesting, too, that these two flavors aren’t mentioned anywhere on Snapple’s exhaustive site. Are they rogue flavors, ousted by the original Elements as being too new, too hip? Or are they on a covert mission from the Juice Guys? I wonder if they’re the duo that got my favorite flavor, Mint Iced Tea, out of the Chicago market. If so, I don’t think I like them anymore. -pm


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Paul October 4, 2009, 1:15 pm

Fun to reread this one, if not because without mentioning “Snapple” in the last paragraph I would have had no idea what “Elements” were.

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