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May 11th, 2000

Worst Show, Ever.

The other night I saw what may be the worst television show ever: USA’s Strip Poker.

Granted, I only saw the last 10 minutes, but the title is deceiving in two major ways:

  • They don’t actually play poker (though maybe they do earlier in the show), they answer stupid trivia questions
  • They can’t actually strip since it’s on USA. You can see more skin on MTV’s Spring Break than here.
To make the show even worse, the production values are absurdly low: rather than having a buzzer for answering the trivia questions, the contestants use whistles. Even the cheap-ass game shows in the 1970s had buzzers!

Of course, I did watch all of those last 10 minutes, more out of curiosity (ahem) to see how much they could actually show on USA at 11 at night. Get this: everyone wears extra underwear. The guys must have had six pairs of boxer shorts on (and it’s not like one pair was any more revealing than the pair on top of it, either) and the women had enough clothing on to go skiing. Kind of defeats the purpose.

In any event, I have a feeling this show will last about as long as Dweezil and Ahmed Zappa’s Happy Hour (which wasn’t that bad of a show). -ram

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